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Your Summer Was Not Unsuccessful, And Other September Stories

September brings with it the sight of new classmates, the smell of notebooks, and the feeling of fresh school supplies.

Or, you're a lawyer who graduated three years ago and September just brings with it the feelings of "well, shit, summer's over and what do I do now?" It can be very different to face this time of year without the traditional "fresh" feeling a new school year brings to fall.
Summer used to feel like a break, cushioned between two very productive periods of the year. 
Now, the traditional mantra is "where did summer go?" and "what in the world did I do with all that time?"

But the reality is that even if summer was about nothing other than reading books in the sun and gardening, it wasn't an unsuccessful summer. It was a time spent recharging batteries. Healing wounds. Reminding yourself why you are in a career that is designed to carry the burden of other's stress.

I realized the other day that I have now been out of law school for the same period of time I was in it. And I realized that I had a hard time facing fall without the feeling of being back in an academic setting, because the rest of the world doesn't just switch on like that. It creeps up on you, slowly but surely, until you realize that you have left your summer breeze behind and are in the full throes of fall madness.

I don't really know where I'm going with this. It hasn't been a productive year, writing wise. I hope vocalizing the difficulty I'm having in turning to fall and the need to hit Q4 numbers and the desire to be back on track with goals will help me.