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I have not felt like a successful lawyer lately. And I haven't felt like a successful wife either. And on top of it all, I have been an absolutely unsuccessful writer. 

I started this blog with the intention of writing more fully about some of the questions I get quite regularly as both a lawyer and a lawblr (aka a Law-Based Tumblr). My firm regularly places co-op students and volunteers, and I try to make myself as available to them as I can be. At least as much as I have made myself available to strangers on the internet over the past five years. 

Side note: You can continue to submit anonymous questions to me on
tumblr if you ever have questions about law school or lawyering. 

But sometimes being available to so many people leaves you pulled in too many directions. And it's the people I want to look after who get hurt. The family and friends I'm not making enough time for because I'm working too much after a senior litigator went on leave; my own health that I'm not prioritizing because I'm trying to make up for not being there for my family by carrying the household burdens; and the writing I am just perpetually too exhausted to do. 

So how do you have it all when you're drowning trying to juggle?

Honestly? Fuck if I know. 

All I know is that each week I try to be better. Each week I have the opportunity to be more than I was the week before. Perhaps 'having it all' is about having the capacity to do it all, and life is about figuring about where to place your energy that week.