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Episode Eleven - This Bar Doesn't Even Have Tequila??

 Jennifer (@PDXJenni) returns! With the absolute superwoman herself, Emily (@mledayc /@emdayc). Together we chat the hardships of failing the bar exam, the importance of taking your mental health seriously, and the systemic classist bullshit that is the failure to implement diploma privilege. 

Pairs nicely with a white wine spritzer. Preferably poured down the back of whoever keeps refusing to properly fund the tech department at Barbri. 

For those looking for serious chats about your local bar association hellscape, I've compiled a list over the years of people willing to chat about the bar exam in their respective state. DM me on twitter or tumblr if you want or need to be connected to someone who failed. And if you want to add your name to the list, the sign up is here