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Book Clubs for Adults Who Just Want to Read Fun Shit

 I think I always thought of book clubs as "old ladies read smut" or "annoying people read High Brow Literature and talk about it rudely." It never occurred to me that I could have a book club where we just... read what we wanted? And talk about if we enjoyed it? 

So I started one. We meet once a month (ish) online on a discord and yell at each other in writing about what worked, what didn't, and who the stories clearly closeted bisexual was. 

At the end of every month I find myself putting in the caveat "I know we've spent two hours shredding it to pieces but I did actually like this." 

Perhaps this is part of what has evolved in the online cultures. People feel pressured to be either "team this is the best thing ever written" or team "how dare you give this author the breath from your lips to even speak the name of this novel." 

I've been introduced to books I never would have read myself before (This is How You Lose The Time War comes to mind), revisited old favourites (Sky in the Deep), and made progress on my ever-growing TBR shelf, due to my unhealthy addiction to BookOutlet. 

We discuss plot and world building, character development and whether their personality resonated with the reader. We've screamed about foolish decisions made by young adult protagonists and gushed over trivia collected over decades. 

Not to say that there's anything wrong with reading smut. Or dissecting Jane Austen. But having the ability to create a little space where we engaged with books in a way that made me happy made all the difference. 

And hey, if this sounds like something you're into, send me a DM on twitter or message me on tumblr and we'll hook you up