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What Kind of Day Has It Been

I always liked Aaron Sorkin shows. He always asks this question and he always answers it. To watch the Newsroom, you have to believe that in the end, humanity is truly comprised of fundamentally good people who have lost our way but can be guided back to what made us great.

I write to you on May 1, 2020, and (for me), it is Day 49 of quarantine. Not true quarantine, mind you. We locked our house down before the spread skyrocketed in Ontario. But quarantine seems a more fitting word that "self imposed distancing from all other human beings out of the fear that we will catch the deadly disease that could kill my husband and/or incapacitate my daughter."

So it's been a year and a bit since I had the mental acuity to sit down and write on this particular medium of mine. I set up this blog originally for long-form writing. A break, as you would, from my shit-posting on other corners of the internet, and semi-serious drafting of another novel I had half-written in my head. But then I got pregnant. And pregnancy exhaustion, coupled with raging anxiety and fear of losing the baby we had worked so hard to conceive drove me out of my realm of introspection and into a world of prepping, lists, and binge-eating oreos at 3pm.

And that beautiful baby girl is six months now. I probably had a touch of PPD; just enough to aggravate the anxiety and make me feel like my legs were constantly on fire. It's hard to be funny and relatable when all you want to do is throw your phone across the room every time it has a notification. But some circumstances have changed and the cloud has lifted and I have found myself with the urge to write again.

There will probably be some stories about Lawyer-Mom'ing. There will definitely be thoughts on the bar exam and the remote model of law school that was thrust upon students these past two months. I may even take a brief moment to contemplate what a weird time it is to practice law remotely. Because Canada remains under cautious stay at home directions, I have a lot of time on my hands to consume the internet. To maybe contribute something positive to the discussion that it's just my typical gif or emoticon.

What kind of day has it been? It is May 1, 2020. Day 49. And it is a good day.